Townsend Harris High School | (718) 575-5580 | Melbourne Avenue, United States of America

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Townsend Harris High School is located in "149-11 Melbourne Ave, Queens, NY 11367, USA". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: Townsend Harris High School

Country: United States of America

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

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Where is Townsend Harris High School located?

Townsend Harris High School located at "149-11 Melbourne Ave, Queens, NY 11367, USA"

How can I contact Townsend Harris High School?

You can call Townsend Harris High School at +1 718-575-5580 or visit for more information.



I am an alumna at this high school. The workload is heavy, especially for commuters involved in extracurricular activities, but I gained an immeasurable experience attending this school. My surrounding students constantly inspired me to keep pushing myself and to organically learn, whether from books, fellow students or teachers. Townsend Harris is a large school, with diverse students who have interests in various areas, not just science and math. In fact, I was more in touch with music and art here than I am now at my college. Students here are easily activated to do amazing things and then lead their fellow students to follow them. The school also has interesting classes, such as art appreciation, AP Computer Science, Creative Nonfiction Workshop (my personal favorite course), Introduction to Acting, and Introduction to Ballroom Dancing. The building itself is owned by the park and ten floors tall so students exercise by walking up and down the stairs.

I'm entering my junior year here, and I must say, it is quite challenging. This school has forced me to change my studying habits (from not studying at all to late night cram sessions). While the lack of sleep does get to you, I wouldn't exchange it for anything- because I know that in the end its all worth it. I love my peers, the teachers (well, most of them), and the atmosphere. Its a place where loving to learn and work hard does not have a negative connotation. The students here know what they want to do in life, and even if they don't, they are striving to find that goal. The majority of the students here prefer a book over a blunt unlike other schools. While we may be known to others as the hardcore nerds, our athletics department is certainly not lacking in any aspect. I can confidently say that the teams are all strong, constantly winning numerous awards. Who ever said nerds couldn't be awesome athletes? So while it might not be as well known as the other specialized schools, it definitely should not be overlooked.

Townsend Harris High School is honestly great. I went there for a competition and yes they were yelling at people to put on their goggles but it was for their own safety. It was their job to make sure that we were safe and they did that well. One guy on the team next to ours would not put on his goggle and they kept on asking him to put them on nicely, but he would not and he had to be kicked out of the pit. And at the next 2 levels about FTC, it is MANDATORY for googles to stay on eyes and they were preparing us for that. Thank you Townsend for hosting us and thank you for keeping us safe!

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