Pharmacy of America VI | (215) 535-0555 | Levick Street, United States of America

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Pharmacy of America VI is located in "919 Levick St, Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA". This business is working in the following industry: Pharmacy.

Name: Pharmacy of America VI

Country: United States of America

City: Philadelphia

Engaged in: Pharmacy

ISIC Code: 85

Questions & Answers

Where is Pharmacy of America VI located?

Pharmacy of America VI located at "919 Levick St, Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA"

How can I contact Pharmacy of America VI?

You can call Pharmacy of America VI at +1 215-535-0555 or visit for more information.



Scammers and criminals. Hit and ran from scene after running into my parked vehicle while making a drop off to a neighbor. Thank God for cameras! Took police to location and found damaged company vehicle. Police cited driver and I was able to get plate # and insurance info.... However, had I not had a camera, I would've been SOL. What makes it worse the driver and owner(who was on the phone with driver) stated I pulled out in front of him and he waited. All of which the video evidence disproves. Thankfully I had already shown the video to the police, so they knew it was complete BS

Actually had the medicine I needed. All other places were on backorder. Was filled in about 10 minutes. Pharmacist was nice.

The pharmacist Adam was trying to scam me and my family he said get your family scripts sent here and i wont payy for my percs then he said the store brand needs to make that money back scammers There Frauds

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