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Yosemite National Park is located in "California, USA". This business is working in the following industry: Park.

Name: Yosemite National Park

Country: United States of America

Engaged in: Park

ISIC Code: 85

Questions & Answers

Where is Yosemite National Park located?

Yosemite National Park located at "California, USA"

How can I contact Yosemite National Park?

You can call Yosemite National Park at +1 209-372-0200 or visit https://www.nps.gov/yose/index.htm for more information.



I have been here over 60 times in my life so far. It holds my heart. I have seen many changes over the years. Some good, some not so good. In the end it doesn't much matter. It is a beautiful place. On our recent trip it was very comfortable getting in and getting around. I have seen it MUCH busier. We were able to rent bikes. We hiked multiple trails without seeing anyone or seeing very few. Even swam in the river with no one to bother us. It was magical.

It was amazing and this national Park is known for the best views and I see why now. In this national Park I saw some of the most beautiful views I had ever seen in my life. They have amazing waterfalls and numerous hiking trails you can explore and go on. They have many shops and good rangers around here. What more could you ask for in a national park!? I highly recommend.

The park is full of breathtaking views; from the moment you start your drive past the guard gate to the moment you park. If you’re able to, visit the park and enjoy it’s beauty. A few tips: 1. If you’re staying outside of the park, get to the park gate early. On a Saturday, we got to the gate by 8 a.m and had no issues finding parking 2. If you easily get nauseous from windy drives, get mentally ready, once you pass the entrance gates, it’s about 50 minutes till you get to the main parking area and it’s mostly windy roads 3. Right after the tunnel, there’s parking to the right if you would like to take pictures of some amazing views 4. Figuring out where to go and park is confusing, look for signs for Yosemite Village parking 5. If you forget snacks or even a backpack, don’t worry, they have lots of snacks and supplies at the village store; you can even get tums from a vending machine 6. Figuring out hikes and where to go is difficult; there’s a hiking map right next to the Yosemite village parking that tells you the difficulty levels 7. Layer up, it’s cold in the morning and gets hot quickly 8. Have fun!

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