Twin Lakes Travel Park | (954) 587-0101 | Burris Road, United States of America

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Twin Lakes Travel Park is located in "3055 Burris Rd, Davie, FL 33314, USA". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: Twin Lakes Travel Park

Country: United States of America

City: Davie

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is Twin Lakes Travel Park located?

Twin Lakes Travel Park located at "3055 Burris Rd, Davie, FL 33314, USA"

How can I contact Twin Lakes Travel Park?

You can call Twin Lakes Travel Park at +1 954-587-0101 or visit for more information.


One star is extra generous for a company that discriminates people for not speaking French-English, the broken language the ex-manager used to speak. -7* is would be a fair grading. I will narrate some of the experiences: 1-) In my presence the 3 at the office tried to steal the $2000 deposit from the lady and son from who I purchased, improvising argument after argument with no base. They also Increased the rent from 900 to 1000 to me that day. 2-) The park never ever gave us a contract, I personally asked for it several times for it. Now I understand why. 3-) During the pick of the Covid 19 pandemic they rented the club house, one of "our" amenities included in "our contract" for strangers to use to make face mask. It was a friend of the 3 owners. They not only used the saloon but also our washing area and bathroom. When I asked Sherry one of the owners she explained to me nicely that the club house was not for me to use, Discrimination for being originally from Cuba?? 4-) The pool area for which we all pay for the entire year was never clean, neither the garbage area, neither the bathroom facilities. When it looked fairly nice is when the Canadian residents take care of it with their own effort and resources. 5-) To get rid of hard working honest and decent people they doubled the rent and produced phrases such as take it or move. Is this for real in a country that everybody sees in the world as a model to open, manage and conduct business ????. Will English continue to be the language of business, ?? I wonder how in this century owners with records like these could manage to close a 64 million dollar deal leaving over 500 homes on their own after navigating a Covid 19 crisis for over 2 years. I am open to comments and even more to suggestions on what to do to move my mobile home. I spent 2 years of my life upgrading it

Good environment but bad staff that get mad anything you need. The only thing they know how to do it charged you.

The one and only positive about this crapground is the lady in the office is very polite and nice, BUT the guy in the office is one of the rudest, most hateful person I've dealt with that is 'customer service'. They are closing this place, so they have 'garage sales'... and you have to keep running people off of your lot When you ask the guy at the office he tells you that they have nothing to do with that. Our neighbors that left had stuff stolen off their lot from these 'garage salers', so you HAVE to watch everything! The water has been turned off three times in the last week, they tell you an hour, but it's all day, and they don't even tell you that the water will be turned off, it's just off. When you call the guy, the rude one, he hangs up on you. So, for $1800 a month, this could all be yours! Lol! Don't waste your time or money here!

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