Regions Hospital | (651) 254-3456 | Jackson Street, United States of America

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Regions Hospital is located in "640 Jackson St, St Paul, MN 55101, USA". This business is working in the following industry: Hospital.

Name: Regions Hospital

Country: United States of America

City: Saint Paul

Engaged in: Hospital

ISIC Code: 49–53

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Where is Regions Hospital located?

Regions Hospital located at "640 Jackson St, St Paul, MN 55101, USA"

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First the doctor made a wrong mistake with his diagnosis and then another doctor from another hospital came to regions and clearly knew that the doctor made a wrong mistake and yet favored the region hospital’s doctor so Regions Hospital wouldn’t lose face and be known to have “doctors” that do make wrong diagnoses. And many of the nurses and doctors are NOT culturally educated. Which is VERY UNFORTUNATE. You would think that nurses and doctors are humans who are kind, loving, compassionate, understanding and cultural aware. Not all no. I’d say only a few. So many of the doctors and nurses here were very rude when dealing with a family member of mine who is Hmong and I witnessed the staff being disrespectful, rude, not understanding, and making these annoyed faces. You can see it yourself too even if it’s someone else who has come to the hospital. It’s unfortunate for people to do these kind of jobs and don’t have the genuine heart towards the patients who come to them for help. Karma is what they receive in all forms and ways regardless of their behaviors going unnoticed/unreported/not acknowledged. I’m very disappointed in many of the staffs at Region’s hospital a d the corruption of the system that has been created to “save face.” I encourage all hospitals to improve as well as the staffs now as well as future “nurses, doctors & everyone else” to seriously improve. Improve your knowledge, education and mainly truly ask yourself why you’re doing such a “Job” in the first place. Do you even genuinely care about patients, respect their beliefs/religion & so forth regardless of your own and can you be respectful while still helping them? Because this is not too much to do and or even ask of. We are all humans. That’s it, period.

All the nurses and doctors surgeons etc we're so wonderful and kind. definitely cared about my well-being and explaining my diagnosis clearly so I can understand it and take care of myself when I got home. I would definitely recommend going to regions for all things. Thank you everybody very much

Charge Nurse Mary in the ER was an angel. She was a one person army working hard to get a handle on my husband's covid issues. Thank you! Forever grateful. We waited two hours on a Monday night but, due to the seriousness of my husband's condition we had to be seen. Once admitted, the ER staff was amazing, swift, professional, caring and diligent. I am so impressed and grateful. Quite the opposite experience we had a few days earlier at Burnsville Ridges Hospital. Once moved from the ER to a hospital room, Dr Brian has been informative, personal and detailed. Thank you! Your team is the best!

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