AHN Brentwood Neighborhood Hospital | (412) 437-2600 | Saw Mill Run Boulevard, United States of America

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AHN Brentwood Neighborhood Hospital is located in "3290 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15227, USA". This business is working in the following industry: Hospital.

Name: AHN Brentwood Neighborhood Hospital

Country: United States of America

City: Pittsburgh

Engaged in: Hospital

ISIC Code: 49–53

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Where is AHN Brentwood Neighborhood Hospital located?

AHN Brentwood Neighborhood Hospital located at "3290 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15227, USA"

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The receptionist was very kind and I didn’t wait long in the E.R. Waiting Room. The nurses showed empathy for my issue and behaved attentively why performing their jobs. A Technician assisted a nurse while she took my vitals and then The Tech ( Named Stacy) continued to check in on me while I waited to be seen by a doctor. The Doctor took plenty of time in asking any details obtainable about my medical issue. I never felt rushed as though the doctor had somewhere better to be or slapped me with a medication and sent me on my way. Truly one of the best hospital visits I’ve experienced in decades.

I had recently went here to get checked out for something. The nurses and staff were all really friendly and nice to me. When the nurse left my room after talking to me she left the door open. I could hear the Dr working that day talking in the hallway about me and making me feel like I was crazy for what I was feeling. Pretty sure I heard him tell the staff not to tell me something and to discharge me. Overall good experience, but that Dr made me upset.

I sat in UPMC East’s emergency room for over 5 hours last Saturday. All they did was take my vitals and send me back to the waiting area. I got so frustrated that I left, and had a prescription for antibiotics called in by a family doctor. Last night I woke up in severe unmanageable pain, so I visited AHN Brentwood this morning. I was done with paperwork, had my vitals taken, and was in a room within 15 minutes. Everyone from the intake concierges to the nurses and doctors were extremely kind. The doctor wrote me a script for stronger antibiotics and something to help manage my pain, and sent me on my way. I was there for maybe one hour in total? Definitely faster than any ER or Med Express I ever visited; they were quicker than my PCP’s office to be honest. You can tell the staff works together as a team, communicates well, and enjoys the work they do. I never had such an easy, efficient, and pleasant hospital experience. 10/10, highly recommend!!

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