Walmart Auto Care Centers | (260) 668-5682 | North Wayne Street, United States of America

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Walmart Auto Care Centers is located in "2016 N Wayne St, Angola, IN 46703, USA". This business is working in the following industry: Generic Business.

Name: Walmart Auto Care Centers

Country: United States of America

City: Angola

Engaged in: Generic Business

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ISIC Code: 45–47

Questions & Answers

Where is Walmart Auto Care Centers located?

Walmart Auto Care Centers located at "2016 N Wayne St, Angola, IN 46703, USA"

How can I contact Walmart Auto Care Centers?

You can call Walmart Auto Care Centers at +1 260-668-5682 or visit for more information.



Not capable of basic duties. I was told there was no availability for 1 tire change in their schedule. While I was in the store for over 45 minutes there were no vehicles in the bays while the employees laughed and joked the whole time. If you are not going to perform duties that a auto care center does, you might want to shut this department down.

I couldn't use the business...they got slow and sent the crew from TLE home. I drove to this Angola store on Sunday 7/18 from Ohio to buy a couple of tires. I knew they didn't close until 5:00 P.M. on Sundays because that is what is posted on their door. I arrived well before 5:00 and was surprised to find the outside door locked. I thought they might have just locked that door a little early. I drove to the front of the store and went in and went to the auto center and all the lights were off. I asked an employee and they said that they saw the auto center close early. I asked to speak to a manager and all they told me is that there was nobody who could help me. I asked if the store manager was in and was told they were on vacation until Monday 7/19 or Tuesday 7/20. I used to work for Walmart in Huntington and don't think we ever pulled anything like this on people. I certainly don't know why they wouldn't have at least kept one person on the payroll until it was the real time to close. I thought the manager I spoke to might have said I would have got some kind of discount for the inconvenience but I guess it didn't cross her mind. I plan on visiting the store again to talk with the store manager and if not happy with what I get there I will contact the district manager. I wasted an hour of my time and 3 gallons of gas to give the store business for what...nothing.

Good guys outside.

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