St. Francis Psychiatry | (706) 320-3770 | 16th Avenue, United States of America

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St. Francis Psychiatry is located in "2000 16th Ave, Columbus, GA 31901, USA". This business is working in the following industry: Generic Business.

Name: St. Francis Psychiatry

Country: United States of America

City: Columbus

Engaged in: Generic Business

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ISIC Code: 45–47

Questions & Answers

Where is St. Francis Psychiatry located?

St. Francis Psychiatry located at "2000 16th Ave, Columbus, GA 31901, USA"

How can I contact St. Francis Psychiatry?

You can call St. Francis Psychiatry at +1 706-320-3770 or visit for more information.


My doctors were very caring and helpful along with a few of the nurses especially Lee lee she is God sent!!!! She made me believe there is hope and to never stop trying I'm staying sober like I promised I know I let myself down by not finishing the program but I'm keeping my promise to stay sober. wish I would have stayed I regret leaving it was becoming a home I never had and it was making me sad bc it was only gonna be a few days bc I have no insurance I fell in love here it's amazing also Caroline is amazing to and caring

Run......don't waste your time nor money!!! Office staff is very rude and unprofessional. They could care less about someone's mental health and treat everyone the same. Dr. John is hard to communicate with and understand as there is a language barrier unfortunately. I asked to see another provider as they have several and was told no that I HAD to continue to see Dr. John.

Money trap! They wouldn’t even answer common questions since I didn’t have insurance. Just another racket.

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