Garanti BBVA Genel Müdürlük | (0212) 318 18 18 | Aytar Caddesi, Turkey

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Garanti BBVA Genel Müdürlük is located in "Nisbetiye, Aytar Cd. No:2, 34340 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey". This business is working in the following industry: Generic Business.

Name: Garanti BBVA Genel Müdürlük

Country: Turkey

Engaged in: Generic Business

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ISIC Code: 45–47

Questions & Answers

Where is Garanti BBVA Genel Müdürlük located?

Garanti BBVA Genel Müdürlük located at "Nisbetiye, Aytar Cd. No:2, 34340 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey"

How can I contact Garanti BBVA Genel Müdürlük?

You can call Garanti BBVA Genel Müdürlük at +90 212 318 18 18 or visit for more information.


Trustable Nd reliable largest Turkish private bank. Service is excellent.

Even though I have no debt on my credit card, even though I have given a closing order for 3 4 months, I get an extreme without 12 TL every month. Head office is never helpful. We are constantly harassed when it comes to giving credit cards or giving loans, for some reason they do not follow the closing order.

Garanti Bank replaces OGS devices with the HGS label, but does not refund the 55 TL fee difference. It's such a shame... When they ask for HGS as a card (the equivalent of OGS), they demand 125 TL again. However, ethically it should be replaced with a HGS card...

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