Bank of Sierra Leone Annexe | (022) 226501 | Gloucester Street, Sierra Leone

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Bank of Sierra Leone Annexe is located in "Gloucester St, Freetown, Sierra Leone". This business is working in the following industry: Civic Building.

Name: Bank of Sierra Leone Annexe

Country: Sierra Leone

City: Freetown

Engaged in: Civic Building

ISIC Code: 10–33

Questions & Answers

Where is Bank of Sierra Leone Annexe located?

Bank of Sierra Leone Annexe located at "Gloucester St, Freetown, Sierra Leone"

How can I contact Bank of Sierra Leone Annexe?

You can call Bank of Sierra Leone Annexe at +232 22 226501 or visit for more information.



First of all, I only go to this bank based on forced transactions (i.e. The companies or agencies I'm paying require that you only pay there. They have strict security procedures like booking you in, going through two or morecashiers to make a single payment, delayed verification methods and sitting you in a large hall where they sometimes even forget that you're still waiting for your receipt. My point is, this is not the bank you want to go if you're a very busy person. The only reason I'm giving 3 stars is because of it Security. Cons Cashiers are very slow and look like they are doing you a favor (and they have some of the highest paid cashiers). All the protocols are not that necessary.. You will spend the rest of the day there just to make one PRA payment. Pros You're banking with the Bank Of Sierra Leone (BOSL)

I wondered why there were so many men with masks and all and guessed that there may be some Ebola breaking out around these parts, but don't let that deter you from all the good times that can be had in Sierra Leone!!! I have to admit, it was difficult getting past the lack of food and drinkable water but putting that aside, the weather is hot so get your tanning lotion in order and most important, keep an eye on your wallet and other valuable possessions, trust me, you'll have a blast!!!

Sam Bangura building (Freetown) is the tallest in Sierra Leone. It is 188 ft high and is 16 storey-ed. It is named after former governor of Central bank of Sierra Leone- Bank of Sierra Leone. The building comprised of Bank of Sierra Leone head office.

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