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Wilson Long at BankFirst is a loan officer rockstar! I bought a new car and thanks to the great rates at BankFirst they saved me so much money. It was quick, and easy. Thank you BankFirst!

I was a customer of Iowa-Nebraska bank (now Bank First) for 20+ years. Recently they have merge with Bank First out of Norfolk. Don't get me wrong, I loved my bank. I love how they new me by name. That makes a person feel good. However since the merge happened in things have soured. Again, do not get me wrong. The personnel at all the SC locations were amazing.. My complaint isn’t with them. My complaint lies with the head honchos sitting at the corporate office. I like to USE my money… so I had drained my acct (not overdrawn) to buy gifts & give to charities. A couple weeks after Christmas, I had recouped some of the cash that I had used & I needed to get it to the bank. My kids and I go in there with smiles on our faces, I’ve got a handful of cash, the kids have a jar full of coins — we have enough money to put in the bank!! Wrong, my checking acct has been closed for having a 0 balance. Now, there has been times in the last 20+ years that I have had a 0 balance but again, I have NEVER been overdrawn. My last deposit was 2 weeks before Christmas. Apparently the “New Rules” state that an account with a zero balance for 30 days will be closed without notice. I would’ve appreciated someone sharing these “new rules” with me. Even so, my account was not at a zero balance for 30 days. It was 3 weeks. Here I am, standing with cash in hand to put into my account but I was told my account had been closed. The wonderful lady that has been taking care of me for so many years was in shock! She talked to the branch manager, they both were on the phone for several minutes, working to get my account reopened. They said it would re-open buy it wouldn’t be affective until the following day since it was only a couple of minutes before the doors were closing for the day. I’m smart enough to know the tellers need to balance their drawers every night and I knew leaving my money, plus the kids change bank there w/o having an account to put it to would require more paperwork for them. So I said I would come back to make the deposit. No biggie! Thinking I was doing them a favor! Now, keep in mind, I work. I have kids. And I live 25 miles out of the City. I don’t have the convince to pop in whenever I want. We didn’t get back in the next day. In fact, it took me exactly 12 days to get back to the bank. I had $270 to deposit. It's not a lot of money, but it's something. The teller returns to the window telling my my account has been closed. I’m shocked, she’s shocked. She knows we just spent a lot of valuable time re-opening it... and they closed it, once again, without notice. It was nearing closing time, so she told me to leave my money this time and she will call Norfolk to get things straightened out for me. So I did. The next day, I received a phone call. She’s truly embarrassed. She informed me that Bank First does not want me as a customer and that came from headquarters, itself. Apparently, I do not have enough money for them to have me as a customer. That’s unfortunate. Because this customer was has brought them a LOT of other business throughout the years. This customer may not have a lot of cash in the bank at this moment in time. But they must not have connected all the dots before they decided not to have THIS CUSTOMER as a customer. Because this customer has a husband who in fact did have ALL his money at that bank. This Customer has local family, a family business, and several friends who banked there, who have all started and/or completed the processes of moving their money elsewhere. This Customer who started the ball rolling on getting a fundraiser account set up a day prior to all of these happening, a fundraiser account which would’ve brought in a lot of new money to the bank mind you, that fundraiser account went to a new bank. It’s unfortunate that you don’t need this Customer in your lives. I’m sure you’ll go on to have a successful business, just remember, your customers and employees are important. Treat them like it.

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