Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments | 321 2100 | Papua New Guinea

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Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments is located in "Ela Beach Rd Port Moresby, Port Moresby 111, Papua New Guinea". This business is working in the following industry: Generic Business.

Name: Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments

Country: Papua New Guinea

City: Port Moresby

Engaged in: Generic Business

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ISIC Code: 45–47

Questions & Answers

Where is Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments located?

Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments located at "Ela Beach Rd Port Moresby, Port Moresby 111, Papua New Guinea"

How can I contact Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments?

You can call Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments at +675 321 2100 or visit https://coralseahotels.com.pg/ela-beach-hotel-apartments/ for more information.



Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments is one of the best in Port Moresby but it is quite expensive.However,they have big family apartments and big self contained rooms for sleeping and extra big rooms for meeting and conference hosting..they also have a nice pool at the centre of the hotel.The food is very delicious. They have all foods and drinks menu..the environment is clean and looks very healthy and the place is guarded and it is safe for people to go and atleast feel the comfortableness of Ela Beach Hotel &Apartments..

Food poisoning is consistent with this establishment for YEARS! I am not sure why.... its not everytime, but you are bound to get sick!! Also watch out for your drinks. Hair in my coffee which I sent back. Never going back to eat again. Yesterday was my last time.

I've heard horror stories about EBH & A, The first test was laundry, Unlike other hotels, the didnt offer a set time period for same day service so I was surprised when my laundry was delivered two and the half hours later, pressed and folded👍👍 Next was room service - Very prompt. The breakfast was a bit wanting, the cereals didn't do it for me 👍 Recommended food to try: PNG STYLE Chocolate 3 ways, absolutely perfect...You should try it. Gave it a four star for the breakfast lack of choices.

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