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Brokis Place is located in "Sally peachy, contiguo a cancha de volleyball Sally peachy, Corn Island 10032, Nicaragua". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: Brokis Place

Country: Nicaragua

City: Big Corn Island

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is Brokis Place located?

Brokis Place located at "Sally peachy, contiguo a cancha de volleyball Sally peachy, Corn Island 10032, Nicaragua"

How can I contact Brokis Place?

You can call Brokis Place at +505 2575 5932 or visit for more information.



Brokys place is a very wonderful place to stay , it has everything you need for a daily basis , just a couple of minutes walking and you can enjoy the beautiful Beach, silver sand , corn island is a paradise it's like the Bahamas in a more peaceful way , I highly recommend this place please take some time and visit.

Broki is a down to earth local who loves his island. He is amiable and amicable. We rented his home for our family. The 2 room house came with a full kitchen, stove, fridge, utensils, washing machine, tv in each room, AC in each room, armoir in each room, shower and bathroom in each room, and a full size bed in each room. 2 houses down (south), you have a little store (Pulperia Forbes) that sells everything, just a 2 min walk from Brokis stock up on food, drinks and beer and take them back to Brokis for your stay. The front of the hime has a very nice garden with grass. Butterflies abound the front garden. Two 6 foot high coconut trees, Broki encourages you take one or two ans drink fresh coconut water. All in all, you cant go wrong.

Very Nice House for Rent,wifi and kitchen included

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