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Hospiten Riviera Maya is located in "Avenida Balamcanché Lote1, Manzana 30, Playacar, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico". This business is working in the following industry: Hospital.

Name: Hospiten Riviera Maya

Country: Mexico

City: Playa del Carmen

Engaged in: Hospital

ISIC Code: 49–53

Questions & Answers

Where is Hospiten Riviera Maya located?

Hospiten Riviera Maya located at "Avenida Balamcanché Lote1, Manzana 30, Playacar, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico"

How can I contact Hospiten Riviera Maya?

You can call Hospiten Riviera Maya at +52 984 159 2200 or visit https://hospiten.com/en/hospitals-and-centers/hospiten-riviera-maya for more information.



Total Scam!!!! Hotel Ocean Riviera Paradise’s onsite doctor sent us here for my sons stitches. The hotel must have ownership or receive kick backs when they send referrals. Total cost $2,800 for 4 stitches for a laceration obtained on their grounds. What would cost $200 in the US was 14x higher. If it wasn’t midnight in a foreign country and we weren’t already exhausted we would have sought treatment elsewhere. Not to mention the so called nursing staff on site were rude “rolling eyes & lacked any compassion”

Avoid, avoid, avoid! Came in here with my child who needed stitches. The admin went into negotiate the price as to what we’d be charged. They gave us a random price of $3,500 for a simple stitch work. Even the US is cheaper without having insurance than these amateurs.

I have been in this hospital for a bad cough for roughly 2 days now, it takes forever for anything to get done and I have not been given even a basic pain medication for the chest pain I am experiencing. Do not come here if your resort says you should!! It is obviously a tourist trap instead of an actual hospital. My room is almost the size of my resort room for which I am paying 300 usd a night, do not come here if you have the slightest value for money.

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