Jummah Masjid | 242 1129 | Queen Street, Mauritius

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Jummah Masjid is located in "Royal Road, A1, Queen St, Port Louis, Mauritius". This business is working in the following industry: Worship Islam.

Name: Jummah Masjid

Country: Mauritius

City: Port Louis

Engaged in: Worship Islam

ISIC Code:

Questions & Answers

Where is Jummah Masjid located?

Jummah Masjid located at "Royal Road, A1, Queen St, Port Louis, Mauritius"

How can I contact Jummah Masjid?

You can call Jummah Masjid at +230 242 1129 or visit http://www.jummahmasjid.org/ for more information.



The Mosque and infrastructure are amazing. The control over the people who come in and go out is great, ever since covid came around. It is a rather comforting place to be. The people who voluntarily keep the place in a good condition are to be rewarded by God, Ameen. The wudhu khana and open library are phenomenal. However, the toilets could be improved on just a little bit. Fortunately, there are various choices of toilets available but their maintenance could be improved. Also, the people working around the mosque could learn some good manners as bad manners are unbefitting of Muslim societies. Overall 3/5 stars.

Best place to ever be at I swear to u

Best of mosque..one of the oldest in the country

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