Société Générale | 93 15 57 00 | Avenue de la Costa, Monaco

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Société Générale is located in "16 Av. de la Costa, 98000 Monaco". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: Société Générale

Country: Monaco

City: Monaco

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

Questions & Answers

Where is Société Générale located?

Société Générale located at "16 Av. de la Costa, 98000 Monaco"

How can I contact Société Générale?



A shame for an establishment ... a bank placed in Monaco! No follow-up, the staff absolutely not competent! I come to the agency because I cannot reach them online! No one answers the phone, yet when I get back to the agency - 2 clerk relaxes at the front desk. This agency scams clients !!!! I discovered several 25 euro debits from their SOGESSUR plan that I had terminated years ago! Absolutely IMAGINABLE! , I pointed it out to my 'advisor', as I could see - incompetent, so much, angry, malicious ... Feeling like the person is totally out of place. Weeks after the appointment, as another advisor reassured me that the agency had to reimburse me for their malpractice - still nothing. !!! 2 people take care of me for ZERO results. Too bad the staff of this agency have changed for the worse. Zero quality for the high 'account management' fees that are managed to steal money from the personal account of the person who was trusted years ago.

IMPOSSIBLE TO CONNECT BY TELEPHONE !!! The number is on the SOCIETE GENERALE MONACO website one line for the whole bank? I tried to contact the bank ... more than 30 times !!!! Answer: hello you are at the SoGen in Monaco, this call will be recorded (I HOPE WELL!) two OR three rings and the disk systematically replies that "all lines are busy and call back later" when? tonight? when the bank will be closed ??? It is absolutely unbearable !!!!!

C a very good bank I've been there for over 20 years they are all great and my advisor is love of good woman and very professional!

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