Youth Hostel | 26 27 66 65 0 | Rue du Fort Olisy, Luxembourg

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Youth Hostel is located in "2 Rue du Fort Olisy, 2261 Luxembourg". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: Youth Hostel

Country: Luxembourg

City: Luxembourg

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is Youth Hostel located?

Youth Hostel located at "2 Rue du Fort Olisy, 2261 Luxembourg"

How can I contact Youth Hostel?

You can call Youth Hostel at +352 26 27 66 65 0 or visit for more information.



This hostel was the loudest I've ever stayed in — there is absolutely no soundproofing in the rooms, and you could hear people shouting at all hours from anywhere in the hostel, whether your door was closed or not (so-called "quiet hours" ended at 6:30 a.m.). People staying there did not seem to have a lot of respect for others. The hostel was also not very clean — the shared bathroom floors had quite a bit of dirt and hair, and there was a large spider which had clearly been making its web for a while on the wall. The bedroom also did not seem to be thoroughly cleaned. The hostel has a restaurant, but don't bother with it — one meal in the evening cost 11.50 euro, and is subpar cafeteria food with few options. The hostel is a pretty good price and about a 15-minute trip from the city centre, but it's not the best experience, if you have options.

I stayed there one night. Everything was good. Clean hostel Nice breakfast Safe rooms

Mixed feelings about this place. Most of the staff is very friendly, especially at the reception, but the man that was in charge of the restaurant on Tuesday 11-10-21 seemed overworked and in desperate need of a different job where he can scowl and sigh to his heart’s content. He was rude and acted like people should be glad they were served food at all. Breakfast was extremely sober and unbalanced. Fruit juice that tasted like water, no fresh fruits at all. More budget for fresh food, less budget for posters talking about how fresh the food is, maybe? Furthermore, unlike other youth hostels the staff didn’t properly instruct people to unmake their beds at checkout, which meant when people checked out their beds were left dirty and newcomers had to clean them up by themselves. I also noticed lots of people not making their bed properly, which was highly unhygienic and can again be blamed on incomplete instructions. Finally, and this point is slightly outside of the control of the hostel administration, but I still think it’s important to mention it — there were people staying in the hostel that really had no business sleeping in dormitories. There was an old drunkard in my dorm. Both nights he would come in, unshowered, reeking deeply of sweat, tobacco, and alcohol. The smell lingered until the morning. Of course, he snored all night. Showers and toilets were decent. Overall, a decent stay, but not good enough.

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