St. Michael's College School | (416) 653-3180 | Bathurst Street, Canada

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St. Michael's College School is located in "1515 Bathurst St, York, ON M5P 3H4, Canada". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: St. Michael's College School

Country: Canada

City: Toronto

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

Questions & Answers

Where is St. Michael's College School located?

St. Michael's College School located at "1515 Bathurst St, York, ON M5P 3H4, Canada"

How can I contact St. Michael's College School?

You can call St. Michael's College School at +1 416-653-3180 or visit for more information.


I love this school especially for their unique use of brooksticks

I am a graduate of St.Mikes. I was there from grade 9 to grade 12. I am 28 now, and looking back, I wish my parents would’ve rather sent me to a public school and gave me the $60,000 in tuition when I was mature enough to understand the weight of that cash. I certainly did not in high school, and for a part, it made both my parents and I someone we didn’t want to be. My parents became more expecting of me, and I lost my sense of self because I didn’t want to disappoint them. I think my parents wanted to network me with « right » people, and there were couple guys, but most kids at this school has this burden on them. Even the smartest of kids. If I could go back in time, I’d just pick a good public school, and trust in my own ability to parent my kid and guide him towards his own best self. I have a son now, and as a graduate of this place, If I had to choose between $15,000 a year + seemingly good education (they didn’t even have computer science program during my time), and public high school + save $15k a year for when he will really need it one day, I take saving it for him on future. When I was at St.Mikes, I had no idea what $15,000CAD meant. For me, after dropping out of university, I had to struggle hard to get to where I am now. Religion and « teach me goodness discipline and knowledge » didn’t really help for me. I didn’t learn it until I had to survive in life. Not when my parents were loading my lunch card. If you are a parent looking to invest in your kid’s future, either save it or invest it. Enjoy the free public school system, because one day, he is really gonna need every cent. I make 6 figures now, but I could’ve done it sooner if St.Mikes had a computer science program. I was busy trying to get good grades, I had no sight of anything else. I know public schools had comp sci programs for grade 9 to 12. Should’ve gone to public school!

Don’t waste your money! A public education will leave your child in a much better position for being a contributing member of society.

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