HSBC Bank | 0345 740 4404 | Moor Street, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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HSBC Bank is located in "5 Moor St, Ormskirk L39 2AB, UK". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: HSBC Bank

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

Questions & Answers

Where is HSBC Bank located?

HSBC Bank located at "5 Moor St, Ormskirk L39 2AB, UK"

How can I contact HSBC Bank?

You can call HSBC Bank at +44 345 740 4404 or visit for more information.



What a terrible, terrible branch & a terrible, terrible bank, I begrudge giving them 1 star. I used to back at HSBC many years ago, and was with them a long time, but I am so grateful I moved banks when I did. No counters at this branch so customers have to struggle with the complex maze of machines, they certainly don't seam to have cut staff (yet) I saw 7 on my visit, busy stood round doing nothing, watching the customer queue, I mean this is the branch where you cant even get access to your own money, wont let you take more than your daily card withdrawal limit usually £100 - £200 (at the cash machine or post office), any more than that you need to make a 12 mile trip to Southport. I usually let things go over my head, but this branch/Bank was shocking even for me. I myself am tech savvy so don't really need the services of a branch (except to pay in), but I weep for the older generation like my parents who are forced to face these issues of making it harder and harder to access your own money (cash). VOTE WITH YOUR FEET PEOPLE, GET THEM BANK ACCOUNTS SWITCHED!!!

As a customer of HSBC I went today to get cash and needed change for the business. They dont have till to provide this service they directed me to the nearest Post Office. I cant get my head around it how are cash based businesses coping. I know care has to be taken bust shops/supermarkets take cash and obviously the Post Office handles cash. They are a bank a financial institution.....tge world gone crazy

I always use the self service machines which speeds up the process. Only ever had one issue where the service machine took all the notes and didn’t deposit it into my account, but the staff were very quick in sorting the machine out and then depositing the money again.

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