Middle East Institute of Health - University Hospital | 04 712 111 | Lebanon

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Middle East Institute of Health - University Hospital is located in "bsalim main road metn، Lebanon". This business is working in the following industry: Hospital.

Name: Middle East Institute of Health - University Hospital

Country: Lebanon

Engaged in: Hospital

ISIC Code: 49–53

Questions & Answers

Where is Middle East Institute of Health - University Hospital located?

Middle East Institute of Health - University Hospital located at "bsalim main road metn، Lebanon"

How can I contact Middle East Institute of Health - University Hospital?

You can call Middle East Institute of Health - University Hospital at +961 4 712 111 or visit http://www.meih.org/ for more information.



Got the covid 19 vaccine there... All good l

SHAME! This story happened with my sister who had a small surgery at this hospital some weeks ago. Even though we have a fully covered insurance, this hospital charged her twice an admission fee and twice an exit fee. Their logic, every time you enter the hospital you need to pay an entry fee. I dont speak about our experience only, I speak on behalf of other families and cases where such situation may not even be possible for them.. who to blame? The thieves of this hospital, the corrupt medical system, the whole Lebanses corrupt government? SHAME

We visited the hospital's emergency room, due to a back injury. As first as we walked in all the staff looked at us in an awkward matter, like they were bothered by our presence. After soaking in all the negativity, a nurse took my information and asked for the reason i came. I explained to him that i had a very sharp pain in my lower back and that i couldn't get up and walk. Later on, an intern came by and informed me without examining me that there's nothing they can do, i should go home and schedule a doctor's appointment. I informed the intern that he could at least prescribe me a medication that could help me to at least get back on my feet, so i won't rely on my friends and family to have to carry me around, i couldn't even walk one step without a debilitating pain. I didn't visit the emergency room because i was bored, i needed their help. So then he was like fine I'll give a X-ray if you want. ( i don't know what i want all i know is i need your professional help ) Neither did himself or the team gave a damn about me, I mean if a person has an emergency in the middle of the night, and there's no where to go or someone to rely on, isn't that what hospitals E.R'S are for. I get they have a stressful job and sometimes they have to deal with rude patients and difficult cases, but that doesn't mean they couldn't at least be hospitable and helpful. We decided to leave and visit another hospital in a close by neighbourhood, where we got the help we needed.

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