John Gray High School | (345) 949-9444 | Walkers Road, Cayman Islands

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John Gray High School is located in "515 Walkers Rd, George Town, Cayman Islands". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: John Gray High School

Country: Cayman Islands

City: George Town

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

Questions & Answers

Where is John Gray High School located?

John Gray High School located at "515 Walkers Rd, George Town, Cayman Islands"

How can I contact John Gray High School?

You can call John Gray High School at +1 345-949-9444 or visit for more information.



in john grey a lot of the teachers are all Jamaican not that its a problem but I mean a lot are Jamaican Caymanian like british and idk from where else tbh john grey is not a fun place to be chickens are everywhere all the time laying eggs bird nest everywhere birds picking ontop my head. the school students but ill call them deep west bay yardies constantly have intercourse in the bathroom with grown men that come here to work I don't ever use the bathroom cause in year 7 my first year I saw a girl giving head to another boy. it was very disgusting but john grey is still a decent place for at least I mean at least its decent for hotwings tbh most students come here cause its the closet to there home and there food aka hotwings are good only hotwings are good I ate there normal lunch a couple of times but tbh everytime I went home vomiting blood and some sort of white paste the teachers for teck core and electric are all Jamaican not that tis abd or im being racisit but I mean there all so mean and discriminate I remember them putting a group together cause they where fair skin tbh I don't like many of the teachers there even the british ones as they get easily intimidated idk why but I guess cause im taller than them all some of what im saying might sound racist but its true teachers are mean some of them but some others are ok I remember by Spanish teacher mrs;allen she was very mean ahted me for no reason shouted at me gave me detention but all in all john greyh highschool is a 2/10 sand that's my oppiniong

mi remembra sitting pon di tree and mi use fi chase chicken cuz mi was hungreeey. Yh man me mi always use fi get excited with bumbaclut joy when ott wing day was here and mi always use fi get curry goat altime and if u wanna know mi name is mi name is tajae burrrrrrrrrrkeeeeeee

mi rememba back in 1409BC ih wah a simplah tim buh ms cahhhhhtahhhh tuch mi pp it wah sooo haaaddd and sold me sour gay tor aid. it gave me syphilis and chlamydia I remmer cumming to a African sling shot... WET FETE -Mr krabs

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