101 hotel | 580 0101 | Hverfisgata, Iceland

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101 hotel is located in "Hverfisgata 10, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: 101 hotel

Country: Iceland

City: Reykjavík

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is 101 hotel located?

101 hotel located at "Hverfisgata 10, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland"

How can I contact 101 hotel?

You can call 101 hotel at +354 580 0101 or visit https://101hotel.is/ for more information.



I’m giving it one star for it’s location. That’s all it deserves. First of all our room was a joke. The layout was far from comfortable with a large tub basically in the way in a weird “bathroom” area. There wasn’t a place to put luggage away and this was the first hotel I have ever stayed in that I did not unpack. Why bother when there was zero place to put anything away. After our first long day (and jet lag) and we had been gone since 11am that day, we came back around 4 and our room had not been cleaned. When we called about it, we were told they’re still cleaning and yeah, they showed up at 5:30 finally but it was too late for us. We wanted to relax in our room before heading to dinner. Throughout our entire 3 night stay, our room keys would stop functioning after a single use. And so my husband and I would have to go to the front desk and have them “fix” our keys. After the 3rd time we mentioned that there was probably something wrong with the lock on the door. We asked for the manager and heard nothing. The keys to our room never worked properly and we both had to go to the front desk each time we wanted to get in our room, at least 8 times each during our stay. Calling in the morning for coffee and we get a voice message saying they’re busy, please email…..?? What? My husband went down to tell them there was something wrong with their phones and was greeted with a flippant response. We had asked to speak with the manager many times and each time she was “terribly” busy. We contacted our tour group (a very high end tour group) and the manager told them she had spoken to us. She outright lied to them. Do NOT stay here

The location is absolutely perfect. The 101 district of Reykjavik is walkable and driving to the natural wonders of Iceland is so easy from this spot. Service was very good. The bar is modern and elegant and the room was very comfortable.

People need to know that the spa that is advertised is not open right now and no one told us this prior to our stay. Also, everything here is at a cost. For example, coffee/tea in the room (which I would expect complimentary for this sort of place?) Is not included. Conclusion: sneaky hidden costs and no spa

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