Mar Qardakh International School | 0750 144 5021 | Iraq

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Mar Qardakh International School is located in "Mar Qardakh Street، Erbil 44003, Iraq". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: Mar Qardakh International School

Country: Iraq

City: Erbil

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

Questions & Answers

Where is Mar Qardakh International School located?

Mar Qardakh International School located at "Mar Qardakh Street، Erbil 44003, Iraq"

How can I contact Mar Qardakh International School?

You can call Mar Qardakh International School at +964 750 144 5021 or visit for more information.



I was totally disappointed with this school. The concept of child centered education is a modern and much needed change in Kurdistan and should wholeheartedly be supported for the sake of our future generations. So the system of education adopted is fantastic, I guess I should not be so disappointed and be more aware of the environment we live in. The schools concept is one of world awareness and inclusiveness, The children in the school are being isolated and insulated from Hawler, I maybe be wrong but this impression was clearly given to me. I was saddened to think a future generation of children growing up and feeling isolate and excluded from Hawler and Kurdistan. Christians have been an integral part of Kurdistan for thousands of years, and they need to make positive moves to have an impact on lives of the citizens of Hawler. The IB system has a much community and awareness of surroundings within its educational ethos, I am sure that they are not aware of these policies which are implemented in this school. Finally I wish you all the best in advancing our children, wishing you the best future.

best school in Ankawa :)


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