The Diaghilev | 03-545-3131 | Maze Street, Israel

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The Diaghilev is located in "Maze St 56, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6578906, Israel". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: The Diaghilev

Country: Israel

City: Tel Aviv-Yafo

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is The Diaghilev located?

The Diaghilev located at "Maze St 56, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6578906, Israel"

How can I contact The Diaghilev?

You can call The Diaghilev at +972 3-545-3131 or visit for more information.


Pros: location is great near Rothschild, great eating spots and cafes. Beach was close enough to walk and we preferred being in the neighbourhood feeling area. We were very comfortable with our 3 kids on the couches which open to beds and a single bed for our daughter. We had a separate bedroom. Bathroom is big and modern with great shower and shower products. Excellent housekeeping Cons: front desk team is friendly but clueless. Could not advise on pretty much anything. Kitchen in the room is very poorly stocked (eg 2 forks, limited dishes, square bowls that were not very functional). No toaster. They did supply extra dishes upon request. Provided a sponge when requested.

Excellent place for a short stay, no restaurant or bar but round the corner from lots of restaurants, bars, cafes etc. Suites are good size. Nice staff and a fridge and plates etc for eating in take-outs or if using a meal delivery service.

My parents stayed at the Diaghilev several years ago and had a wonderful experience there, so naturally after COVID restrictions were lifted and they were able to finally come to Israel to attend my wedding, they were excited to book the Diaghilev once again. Unfortunately, their previous positive experience was not replicated, and mainly due to the awful service at the hotel. Upon arrival, they were told that a deposit of 500 NIS and a deposit of 1250 NIS for VAT would be taken from the credit card we gave, but were promised several times that their card would not be charged for their stay until the end of the visit. The very next morning they found out that the hotel had charged their credit card 7000 NIS for the whole 13-night stay without their permission. Since when can hotels charge credit cards they have on file without their guests' consent? When they asked to be credited the money until the end of their visit, the response from the extremely rude manager was that they could leave. They were not given their money back. In addition to that, the service in general was terrible. When the room's keypad stopped working, they were given a key to enter their room, but they were told that because this was the hotel's only copy, they would have to return the key and ask for it each time they came back to the hotel. Are hotel guests supposed to be at the mercy of the receptionist like this? It took many demands until they finally agreed to fix the keypad on the door. Also, each morning they were given just two packets of coffee and two packets of sugar, one per guest, and if they asked for any more, they would have to wait a half hour or more until just one more packet per guest was brought to them. This kind of service is simply unacceptable, especially for a hotel in the center of Tel Aviv. Very disappointing. The only reason I am giving two stars is because the room itself was nice, and the cleaning staff were excellent.

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