Andrássy Gyula Primary School Vecsési | (06 29) 350 408 | Erzsébet tér, Hungary

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Andrássy Gyula Primary School Vecsési is located in "Vecsés, Erzsébet tér 1, 2220 Hungary". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: Andrássy Gyula Primary School Vecsési

Country: Hungary

City: Vecsés

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

Questions & Answers

Where is Andrássy Gyula Primary School Vecsési located?

Andrássy Gyula Primary School Vecsési located at "Vecsés, Erzsébet tér 1, 2220 Hungary"

How can I contact Andrássy Gyula Primary School Vecsési?

You can call Andrássy Gyula Primary School Vecsési at +36 29 350 408 or visit for more information.



I was happy to read about my former school. Who knows, I've been a student here and taught here for 32 years. I always wore my school to my heart and was proud of its achievements. With that in mind, allow me to write down some thoughts. It is nice to see the results achieved by the students at the school, because they also reflect on the work done in the school, but ... It wouldn't be a bad thing to have some of the older results described! When I retired, I left a wealth of material for my offspring. Collected in several volumes, I gave it to the then director, Istvánné Lakai Erzsike. These included details of our camps, the results of various study and sports competitions, cultural events, school and local history competitions, and a systematic photo collection of graduate classes with my former colleague Irene Baloghné Monostori. I think few schools can boast of such materials! It would enrich the image of the school if some of them were posted on the school's website. Sincerely, a former student of the school, later a teacher

Great teachers, good environment

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