Regős Vendéglő | (06 1) 321 1921 | Szófia utca, Hungary

Business Description ( Closed ) Edit

Regős Vendéglő is located in "Budapest, Szófia u. 33, 1068 Hungary". This business is working in the following industry: Restaurant.

Name: Regős Vendéglő

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Engaged in: Restaurant

ISIC Code: 90–93

Questions & Answers

Where is Regős Vendéglő located?

Regős Vendéglő located at "Budapest, Szófia u. 33, 1068 Hungary"

How can I contact Regős Vendéglő?

You can call Regős Vendéglő at +36 1 321 1921 or visit for more information.



This restaurant was recommended, 2 minutes walk from hotel. Excellent food and excellent service, what a beautiful family run restaurant. We revisited again the next evening. My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and food.

The food is very good. Nevertheless, we felt really uncomfortable, due to the way we were treated by the waiter. Especially we were pushed to order quick at 21, even though it is written they close at 22.

Very authentic, good prices, delicious, nice interior, staff is friendly and supportive. Menu is comprehensive and filled with traditional Hungarian dishes. Highly recommended if you have a chance to get there. It's only a dozen of tables and many of them are reserved ahead. Dinner time 18-22 so getting there is not easy, but it worth to try.

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