Hung(a)ry? | Október 6. utca, Hungary

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Hung(a)ry? is located in "Budapest, Október 6. u. 5, 1051 Hungary". This business is working in the following industry: Restaurant.

Name: Hung(a)ry?

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Engaged in: Restaurant

ISIC Code: 90–93

Questions & Answers

Where is Hung(a)ry? located?

Hung(a)ry? located at "Budapest, Október 6. u. 5, 1051 Hungary"



Excellent! Had lunch here on a Saturday afternoon and it wasn't busy at all. We tried several traditional dishes and each of them was great. Service was also great, will suerly come back again

Very nice hungarian food! Staff was very friendly! Price was adequate, although a bit high when compared to the average in town. Good recommendation!

Food was quite good, but portions are small compared to other places nearby. My primary beef with the establishment is that they add a charge for "service" and then have a line below saying "tip is not included". If you're adding on top of the menu list price a service charge, why does that go to the owners and not the service personnel? Doesn't seem ethical does it? Well this is the sort of thing we need to call out so the dodgy ethical creep doesn't keep getting worse with restaurateurs in the centre.

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