Full Moon Hostel Budapest | (06 1) 792 9045 | Szent István körút, Hungary

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Full Moon Hostel Budapest is located in "Budapest, Szent István krt. 11, 1055 Hungary". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: Full Moon Hostel Budapest

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is Full Moon Hostel Budapest located?

Full Moon Hostel Budapest located at "Budapest, Szent István krt. 11, 1055 Hungary"

How can I contact Full Moon Hostel Budapest?

You can call Full Moon Hostel Budapest at +36 1 792 9045 or visit http://www.fullmoonbudapest.com/ for more information.


Perhaps the biggest scam I have ever had in the years I travel. I made my reservation about 2 months before my arrival at the property. A few days after the outbreak of war in Ukraine I considered it right not to make my trip as there was no reason to take a vacation around a war zone and make the trip after things have calmed down. Unfortunately, after three attempts by order of the owners, my money was not returned to me. (Accommodation I booked on the same trip to Bratislava and Vienna returned my money without second communication while there was no refund). I finally decided to travel to Budapest as my money seemed to be wasted. I arrived at the accommodation which is a damaged and makeshift hostel. My room was on the third floor. there was noise pollution from the street, from the adjoining rooms but also from the disco on which this hostel is housed. on my first contact with the bed in my room I had severe skin itching. in the toilet of the room it was impossible to enter as there was a strong stench from the sewer to enter the hostel after 19.00 you must pass among dozens of young people having fun in the gallery where the disco is located and go up to the floor where you live the operation of the elevator stops at 19.00.I handed over the key to the reception much earlier than my scheduled departure as there was absolutely no ownership and no confidence in what I saw and I moved to another accommodation which I paid for. new. I feel angry that I wasted my money this way but also sad as there is such behavior and such treatment in our times in such difficult times. It is a shame that there is still on the platform.

I loved this hostel. The room was clean and tidy. The staff are friendly and sociable. I also liked that there is a nightclub on the ground floor, where every day, except Sundays, you can have fun and drink good beer.

For this price there is pretty much no better hostel in town. Facilities are great, room is clean and towel is provided. Downside is that there is a club underneath, so be aware if night rest is a must for you. Otherwise if you plan on going out until late you probably won't be bothered by it

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