UniCredit Bank | 06 30 325 3200 | Boráros tér, Hungary

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UniCredit Bank is located in "Budapest, Boráros tér 7, 1095 Hungary". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: UniCredit Bank

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

Questions & Answers

Where is UniCredit Bank located?

UniCredit Bank located at "Budapest, Boráros tér 7, 1095 Hungary"

How can I contact UniCredit Bank?



Cons: Slow and the make fun at customer in hungarian...Respect is not an option in life, its an obligation. Lassú ... Precíztelen! Pro: Good old cashier lady.

The stuff are so rude, you easily feel heavy racism if ur not Hungarian, or the stuff don't like the country ur coming from... it's shame on Unicreadit to hire old racist people in international branch!

Today I received this message : "Dear Client! Please be informed usage of your card has been limited in lack of client identification acc. to Act LIII of 2017. UniCredit Bank" A verification wich I have already done about 2 months ago. I went to the branch and to add to my frustration the clerk was so unhelpful and slow and due to the Covid situation I had to wait outside in the cold while they took 30 minutes to just let me in. The teller had now idea what happened or why I need to do the verification again, or how come the card gets blocked without any prior notice so she had me redo the verification again, print the same ID documents and sign them again and when I asked her what happened with the documents I signed 2 months ago she started talking to me in hungarian and told me I can write an email if I want to complain! Very rude and unprofessional, I still don't understand why I needed to go do something I already did again, how come I get blocked from accessing my funds without any prior notice or what happened with my personal data and identification documents! Did they lose them? Did someone just forget to press the save button?!!! What do you do with these documents if they become meaningless just because someone forgot to press save!? I am glad this did not happen while I was traveling or something! They just block their clients from accessing their cash because of a mistake of one of their employees without any notice and since this is not the first time I have an inconvenience in my 5 years of banking with unicredit I am seriously thinking of closing my account there and definitely do not recommend it if you don't want to be screwed since this can be much much worse was I not somewhere where I could easily get to a branch *Update* What you answered is what I was asking from you college at the branch, I still don't understand why I need to send an email when I am there in person! How can any business refuse to take a customer feedback or complaint when there are there in person and miss the opportunity to make their experience better and solve their issue?!!

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