Raiffeisen Bank | 06 80 488 588 | Váci út, Hungary

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Raiffeisen Bank is located in "Budapest, Váci út 1-3, 1062 Hungary". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: Raiffeisen Bank

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

Questions & Answers

Where is Raiffeisen Bank located?

Raiffeisen Bank located at "Budapest, Váci út 1-3, 1062 Hungary"

How can I contact Raiffeisen Bank?

You can call Raiffeisen Bank at +36 80 488 588 or visit https://raiffeisen.hu/ for more information.



* They are professionals. * English fully supported in booking number machine, signs and screens, and employees. * Good customer service.

It's just a terrible office where foreigners were treated in a boorish way. Dear Hungarians, you are not the only one who knows your wonderful language, and I simply had no words when an office worker began to tell a colleague that there was no need to help "these people" (ofc on hungarian). What a shame.

The absolute worst bank. Employees in the branches don't know how to operate their own internal systems and tools. Contradicting informations given by different employees, extremely slow service including email response times. Extremely complicated back end processes and account setups and most unfortunately no customer centricity.

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