Hungarian Development Bank Zrt. | (06 1) 428 1400 | Nádor utca, Hungary

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Hungarian Development Bank Zrt. is located in "Budapest, Nádor u. 31, 1051 Hungary". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: Hungarian Development Bank Zrt.

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

Questions & Answers

Where is Hungarian Development Bank Zrt. located?

Hungarian Development Bank Zrt. located at "Budapest, Nádor u. 31, 1051 Hungary"

How can I contact Hungarian Development Bank Zrt.?

You can call Hungarian Development Bank Zrt. at +36 1 428 1400 or visit for more information.



A nice bridge, little and attractive for tourists!

MFB has a very excellent 0% APR loan program for solar and energy modernization of houses. I think that this is the best of such initiatives in the Hungarian market. Not only is its return excellent and well calculated, but it is also very important that it is worth it to the Hungarian Government: in essence, it generates a purchase in exchange for the interest subsidy, which has VAT, and it will be higher than the interest subsidy, ie a lot of people cost 0 created value for, e.g. Customers can access an electricity bill of HUF 0. At Premium Napelem Kft., We have concluded at least 50 such contracts for our customers, and everyone is really satisfied with it. The process wasn’t always quick, but they waited and were very grateful in the end. MORE: MFB customer service has just very willingly answered a question for which I am very grateful, which is why I have described the above. THANK YOU MFB !!! We need many, many more similar initiatives and we will live in a better world.

It’s an unfortunate thing that there aren’t many unchecked “companies” who deal with the Home Heat Program and cheat on people! They just "stretch"! Eg: B2B Group Kft. Gábor Wágner and Zoltán Dallos! Let no one trust them!

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