School Of The Nations | 226 5781 | New Market Street, Guyana

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School Of The Nations is located in "41-42 New Market St, Georgetown, Guyana". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: School Of The Nations

Country: Guyana

City: Georgetown

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

Questions & Answers

Where is School Of The Nations located?

School Of The Nations located at "41-42 New Market St, Georgetown, Guyana"

How can I contact School Of The Nations?

You can call School Of The Nations at +592 226 5781 or visit for more information.



Excellent educational programs. They cater for students of all ages, from pre-school to university. The first private school to offer an MBA program. They have also partnered with many world-renowned universities to offer globally recognized certificates and diplomas. They also offer courses in the OHS field,as well as for the Oil and Gas field.

I'm Patrick Stark, and I m the Electrical Contractor for School of the Nations for quite some years. I've found that the directors or owners are some of the best people I've ever been dealing with over the years. I'll give 100% certainty for satisfaction in anything that anyone wants to do at School of the Nations 🙂👍

Education is the key to success and school of the nations is the holder of that key...Ms Singh... ❣️

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