Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited | 226 4911 | Robb Street, Guyana

Business Description ( Closed ) Edit

Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited is located in "78-80 Camp and, Robb St, Georgetown, Guyana". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited

Country: Guyana

City: Georgetown

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

Questions & Answers

Where is Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited located?

Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited located at "78-80 Camp and, Robb St, Georgetown, Guyana"

How can I contact Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited?

You can call Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited at +592 226 4911 or visit for more information.



Trash. The process to get your card unlocked is so needlessly convoluted, you'd expect a bank to have a proper processes in place. But Republic Bank manages to completely ruin all expectations of service delivery, the only reason people still use them is because we're in a pandemic and it's too much of a hassle to switch.

One of the worse banks in Guyana.... Im trying to activate the online banking for over a month with no success. Last lady I spoke to at the triumph branch was rude and offered no suggestions on where or who I can call or go to for help. Republic bank needs to do better!!

Extremely slow customer service. Sitting inside the bank for 1 hour plus awaiting to get copy of statement which was not received. I called all the telephone numbers for 3 weeks and no one answered. I waited in long line to get inside the bank only to find clumsy slow staff walking around but hardly serving customers with tickets. Staff driving under special assistance tab refererred me to wait for another customer service staff. He then walked around calling selected persons from those who are, like me, waiting. He attended to them, leaving me out. This is obvious discrimination by republic bank staff. Unbelievable. I took the day off only to find that at 11.40 still waiting inside the bank yet to be served. Most ridiculous service ever in my entire life. I lived and travelled to over 25 countries in this world. What disrespect and trashy service. I recommend firing the entire team. The same staff just skipped my number 71 and moved to 72, serving a young lady instead,

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