Baumann, Kondas and Xu Attorneys-at-Law | (671) 477-9084 | Archbishop FC Flores Street, Guam

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Baumann, Kondas and Xu Attorneys-at-Law is located in "238 Archbishop FC Flores St, Hagåtña, 96910, Guam". This business is working in the following industry: Generic Business.

Name: Baumann, Kondas and Xu Attorneys-at-Law

Country: Guam

City: Agana Heights

Engaged in: Generic Business

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ISIC Code: 45–47

Questions & Answers

Where is Baumann, Kondas and Xu Attorneys-at-Law located?

Baumann, Kondas and Xu Attorneys-at-Law located at "238 Archbishop FC Flores St, Hagåtña, 96910, Guam"

How can I contact Baumann, Kondas and Xu Attorneys-at-Law?

You can call Baumann, Kondas and Xu Attorneys-at-Law at +1 671-477-9084 or visit for more information.


Mark Kondas took the time to listen to my situation carefully and explained all the possible options that were available to me. He knows the law and acts in your best interest. He gave me a free consultation for which I was immensely grateful. I will continue working with him because he stands for the truth and justice. 5 Star attorney.

-This is a real review based on past 10 month experience- My wife: applicant of green card. Me: petitioner of US citizen. Like other reviewer, they were very kind at the first visit with free consultant. They looked proficient of immigration laws. Yeah, we could have given them 5 stars with only the free consultation at the first visit. 1- Fees We paid approx $3,500 for lawyer fee only. that is so high price than the case difficulty. Upon contract, the lawyer was NOT standing behind us, but all of answers to questions of legal issues came from assistants. 2- Fill out I-485/I-130 forms We were surprised at many mistakes when reviewing the forms they filled out. This is a simply and basic work. that could happen in no lawyer office. 3- filing with mistake in the end, They filed I-130 n I-485 with many documents required. I realized there was no my signature on my naturalization certificate. but they didn't review it and submitted USCIS. 4-Fingerprinting and error by USCIS. My wife had BIO done in the scheduled date and we sent the receipt to the lawyer office. but, CIS website had showed a month after BIO.(See Attached). We were uneasy with the error because our BIO was done! I sent the screenshot to the lawyer office many times for 2 months and requested them to contact CIS and fix the issue, however their assistant had sent repeatedly same answers to me "calm down! everything should be all-right since your bio was done". Finally the lawyer responded to us directly and his response made us very angry. He had never followed up our case(See Attached for lawyer reply). If there is error something, THEY FORCED US TO FIGURE IT OUT IN PERSON! They were no longer our lawyer but nagging mom. 5- permit(I-131) for emergency travelling out of USA. My wife's mom was sick suddenly at her home country, so wife wanted to visit her and when we asked them they answered me it would take up to 90 days to get approval after filing I-131 (petition of travelling permit). However, she could not wait for 90 days so, had to leave Guam. in fact, it was impossible for her to re-entry Guam once she leaves Guam. When she left Guam urgently and when I met them right the next day. They told me there was an emergency permit that it takes only 2 days until approval in local CIS office. We were so UPSET at every moment of their works. After her leaving in Guam, they told me I may leave for Guam also and they're gonna send a letter to Guam CIS office to approve my petition, I-130 and then Guam CIS will approve my petition without attending to my interview. but, Guam CIS denied and asked me to attend to the interview since it is the regulation. This lawyers really didn't know what they were doing. UPSET! 6. New stage of our case. since my wife went back to her country without permit of re-entry to Guam, we had to proceed our case in the US embassy of her country. but their legal services were also misled. They knew nothing of any case of USA. My I-130 petition should have been sent to NVC in Chicago, but they tried to file at US embassy in Greece. (OMG how ridiculous). I also pointed out their mistake and they admitted their mistake and requested me to hire other immigration lawyer in wife's country and sent me their info without refund of $3,500.(See Attached) I no longer committed them and I hired another lawyer with $2,200 only in California and the new office started to review our case and they were shocked "Are you serious? They are really attorneys at immigration laws?". As of now, everything is in place and all right with the new office. 7- We are pointing out their attitude to clients in my opinion. They had worked for Attorney Generals in profiles. We felt being treated by them as criminals. They blamed us leaving for Guam because they wanted very very easy case. but, nobody can foresee the future, so that is why people hire lawyers with much money. They were totally NOT proficient of immigration laws and regulations. so, I had to study immigration laws to protect my family by myself and I had to point their mistake out one by one!!

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