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Posada Belen Museo Inn is located in "13 calle "A" 10-30, zona 1, Cdad. de Guatemala 01001, Guatemala". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: Posada Belen Museo Inn

Country: Guatemala

City: Ciudad de Guatemala

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is Posada Belen Museo Inn located?

Posada Belen Museo Inn located at "13 calle "A" 10-30, zona 1, Cdad. de Guatemala 01001, Guatemala"

How can I contact Posada Belen Museo Inn?

You can call Posada Belen Museo Inn at +502 5702 6737 or visit for more information.



If one needs to be in zone1 for any reason, Posada Belén is a nice, quiet place, in the historic part of town. It is a modest but very clean old-style place with friendly and helpful personnel. My room had a the basic furnishings that made my stay comfortable - an armoire, good lighting, and plenty of electrical outlets. No TV, but good wifi. The bathroom plumbing is rustic but offered hot water for my morning shower. The hotel offers breakfast but is about 6 blocks from the restaurants on 6th Avenue of one wishes further meals.

I usually love old hotels, but this hotel was dark, musty, and uninviting. The only other person I saw there was the hotel manager. No other guests or employees, and no food was served. The manager turned off all the interior lights at 6PM including the lights in the entryway and lobby. He came out of his office and glared at me whenever I left my room. I felt like I was on house arrest. Rooms are traditionally decorated, but the beds and pillows are rock hard. If you like staying in a place that looks like the Addams Family house and smells like your grandmother's basement, then this is the place for you.

Unique bed and breakfast in Guatemala. Good food. Personal service. Great value.

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