Centro de Emisión de Pasaportes | 2411 2411 | Ruta 3, Guatemala

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Centro de Emisión de Pasaportes is located in "Ruta 3, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala". This business is working in the following industry: Civic Building.

Name: Centro de Emisión de Pasaportes

Country: Guatemala

City: Ciudad de Guatemala

Engaged in: Civic Building

ISIC Code: 10–33

Questions & Answers

Where is Centro de Emisión de Pasaportes located?

Centro de Emisión de Pasaportes located at "Ruta 3, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala"

How can I contact Centro de Emisión de Pasaportes?

You can call Centro de Emisión de Pasaportes at +502 2411 2411 or visit http://igm.gob.gt/ for more information.



They change the schedule but they don't post the new schedule. The phone number does not work. They don't take appointments. The info on the website is exhaustive but inexact in many place. In fact, you need a lawyer to guide you through everything because nothing is clear. They are incapable to make it simple enough for the regular people to make it on their own.

Doing anything in this building is honestly a terrible experience. Avoid if at all possible.

The only place you can get your passport y Guatemala City, it's always packed, so have patience and bring a book.

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