Hôpital Ignace Deen | 622 40 12 37 | 9th Blvd, Guinea

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Hôpital Ignace Deen is located in "9th Blvd, Conakry, Guinea". This business is working in the following industry: Hospital.

Name: Hôpital Ignace Deen

Country: Guinea

City: Conakry

Engaged in: Hospital

ISIC Code: 49–53

Questions & Answers

Where is Hôpital Ignace Deen located?

Hôpital Ignace Deen located at "9th Blvd, Conakry, Guinea"

How can I contact Hôpital Ignace Deen?

You can call Hôpital Ignace Deen at +224 622 40 12 37 or visit for more information.




Good structure, a few more improvements and you will be the best

Ignace Deen Hospital is a hospital in Conakry, Guinea, built during colonial times a 2011 report described conditions as squalid, with poor quality care. Since 2017, in collaboration with scientists from the United States and Denmark, Ignace Deen Hospital acts as an unreliable regional neurological research hub the hospital had dilapidated infrastructure, poor sanitation, stifling heat, odor foul-smelling, lack of water and electricity, lack of medication and maintenance. A bribe was required to be admitted. There were few doctors. The rooms were crowded, infested with bedbugs and mosquitoes. The toilets were clogged and there was a severe shortage of drinking water, which patients' relatives had to provide.

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