IntercityHotel | 030 293680 | Am Ostbahnhof, Germany

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IntercityHotel is located in "Am Ostbahnhof 5, 10243 Berlin, Germany". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: IntercityHotel

Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

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Where is IntercityHotel located?

IntercityHotel located at "Am Ostbahnhof 5, 10243 Berlin, Germany"

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Context : I'm not yet a customer, it's night, snowing, I'm stranded and I have no battery on my phone to call someone. There's a plug in the lobby, easily visible from the front desk. I politely asked to use it while explaining that I had no battery for my call and that there's no plug in the train station next door (if there is they are well hidden and the ppl working there are not aware of them) The lady at the desk refuse, and tell me that "this is an hotel, not a station" don't really know what she was going for but that sounded condescending enough. I left without a word and went to Meininger, where they glady accepted my request and offered to lend me a charger (I have mine but that's kind enough) Customer service start with potential customers. But dismissing even that, from a simple human perspective, that was very poor.

Ideal location, clean, super for discovering Berlin. Nice staff & free tickets for the public transport. Only the bed was a little uncomfortable.

Economical, friendly staff, excellent location. All you can ask for.

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