Deutsche Factoring Bank GmbH & Co. KG | 0421 32930 | Langenstraße, Germany

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Deutsche Factoring Bank GmbH & Co. KG is located in "Langenstraße 15-21, 28195 Bremen, Germany". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: Deutsche Factoring Bank GmbH & Co. KG

Country: Germany

City: Bremen

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

Questions & Answers

Where is Deutsche Factoring Bank GmbH & Co. KG located?

Deutsche Factoring Bank GmbH & Co. KG located at "Langenstraße 15-21, 28195 Bremen, Germany"

How can I contact Deutsche Factoring Bank GmbH & Co. KG?

You can call Deutsche Factoring Bank GmbH & Co. KG at +49 421 32930 or visit for more information.



Open your eyes to factoring - partner choice! I recommend every COMPANY that is thinking about the convenient regulation via a factoring partner - do not take this! Don't let your Sparkasse corporate customer force you to do this either! There are significantly more clever market participants than this dusty Sparkassen-Alt-Finanz-Retort-Bank! My assessment is based on the point of view of a corporate customer who buys from suppliers who have their accounts receivable / invoices debited / settled via factoring companies such as these. I have experienced the following incidents: 1. About three years ago the Deutsche Factoring Bank withdrew two invoices from my account, which actually related to another customer of the supplier. Basically, that's not a problem. However, the odyssey afterwards. No employee, neither by phone nor by email. At least not one who felt responsible. Callbacks / replies were promised never happened. Even the supplier does not seem to be successful. After a good 8 weeks, one of the two bills was reimbursed and a full 4 months later the second bill. The whole thing takes place only on the way under threat of legal remedies. Unfortunately, the deadline for a direct debit return had passed. Note: There was NEVER a response / justification or feedback. 2. The Deutsche Factoring Bank sent me a reminder for an open invoice this year, although direct debit has been agreed. Furthermore, younger and older invoices from the same supplier were successfully collected by the Deutsche Factoring Bank. Nevertheless, there was a warning. Three years later nobody can be reached this time either. No answer / no reaction.

Very lengthy machining processes, unfortunately not very customer-oriented. Own profit comes first. There are significantly better providers. No recommendation.

Deceives no DM despite other information

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