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Tekaaroa Adventist Primary School is located in "46Q5+9FW, Arutanga, Cook Islands". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: Tekaaroa Adventist Primary School

Country: Cook Islands

City: Arutanga

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

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Where is Tekaaroa Adventist Primary School located?

Tekaaroa Adventist Primary School located at "46Q5+9FW, Arutanga, Cook Islands"


As you teach at Tekaaroa Seventh-day Adventist School there will be a number of demands made on your time, energy and expertise. The education provided by Tekaaroa is based upon a worldview derived from the Christian faith. This view begins with an eternal, loving and personal God who has always existed, is all-powerful and is the source of all life, truth, beauty and Christian values. God, through Christ the Son, created this world as a part of His perfect universe. Furthermore, He sustains His creation by His power and through the natural laws He instituted. Although created perfect, this planet has bee corrupted by sin resulting in a world that is out of harmony with the rest of creation. However, God has instituted plans to restore this world to its original perfection. Humanity was originally created equal in God’s image, male and female; a unity of body, mind and spirit; endowed with intellect, emotion, and the power of choice. Sin, however, has not only corrupted our environment, but humanity itself. God’s; image has been marred, yet may be restored through a personal response to the initiative of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. Humanity’s meaning, therefore, is more than interpersonal relationships. Primarily it provides a relationship with the Creator. This educational provision seeks to enable every pupil to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord, and to realize their inestimable value as a child of God. All truth finds its centre and unity in God. God communicated truth to man in a general way through the natural world and His providential acts and, more specifically, through Jesus Christ, Scripture and inspiration. Humanity comprehends truth through observation and reason, but these avenues to understanding require faith and the direction of the Holy Spirit. Since all truth is God’s truth there is no distinction between the sacred and the secular, rather, Christian faith pervades all of life and every activity has spiritual significance. God, through His moral laws, has outlined standards of ethical behaviour based on his own character of love. When adopted by man these laws develop a commitment to selfless service and a personal and loving concern for all. This school recognizes that all peoples regardless of culture, race, gender, religion or ability, are to be respected and loved as God’s children. Seventh Day Adventist education challenges each pupil to be personally responsible to share the Gospel with the entire world in preparation for the soon return of Jesus. Humanity’s appreciation of beauty and his innate creativity, although marred by sin, still reflects God’s image. Without the direction of the Holy Spirit these capacities may be used for evil instead of good. Appreciation of beauty and creativity extend to all of humanity’s cultural activities and involve relationships with God, other people and the natural world. This education will lead pupils to function as stewards, conservationists and restorers of their environment.

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