Dalhousie University | (902) 494-2211 | South Street, Canada

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Dalhousie University is located in "6299 South St, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2, Canada". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: Dalhousie University

Country: Canada

City: Halifax

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

Questions & Answers

Where is Dalhousie University located?

Dalhousie University located at "6299 South St, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2, Canada"

How can I contact Dalhousie University?

You can call Dalhousie University at +1 902-494-2211 or visit http://www.dal.ca/ for more information.


The University is huge, extending many acres. One can't possibly make use of all facilities and services offered during one's study. Students are free to follow their own world in the university. Its an all inclusive university which don't discriminate and practices what it preaches. I am impressed by the standards, may be if its more competent enough, the world university ranking can be improved.

Offers a wide variety of programs through the most dedicated teaching staff, and talented researchers. But hey, I'm biased (I work here). Why not check it out and see for yourself!

Professor Sophie Jacques led the study at Dalhousie University in Canada.The study found their intelligence goes well beyoung _sit_stay_walkies with some pets recognised more than 200 words.The study was published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science,found half of the average 89 words know are commands.Around two. In five participated in 'Sports' such as obedience training and 18 per cent were working dogs,such as rescue animals or search.This article appeared in the Irish Daily Mail December 8th by Victoria Allen.

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