Bow Valley College, South Campus | (403) 410-1400 | 6 Avenue Southeast, Canada

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Bow Valley College, South Campus is located in "345 6 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4V1, Canada". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: Bow Valley College, South Campus

Country: Canada

City: Calgary

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

Questions & Answers

Where is Bow Valley College, South Campus located?

Bow Valley College, South Campus located at "345 6 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4V1, Canada"

How can I contact Bow Valley College, South Campus?

You can call Bow Valley College, South Campus at +1 403-410-1400 or visit for more information.


I was in Justice Studies, they have a lot of morally questionable people considering the program. Not only do you get written up for unfounded things, but when you reach out asking about the situation they won't inform you of anything or even get your side.... I got reported for plagiarism for not sourcing my essay properly. I can understand losing marks for that, but really? Then when I reach out and question it, no response. Not to mention, you could be actively dying and they'll still want their work done on the deadline. They do not have any sort of empthy or understanding that some people do have full time work/ lives outside of school. You don't get grading rubrics 90% of the time so you cant correct your work and for some reason the Criminolgy instructors specifically act like your assignment is life or death. My friend in the military even said it's not that strict for him Highly recommend NAIT instead if you're able to. I've never in my entire life been penalized for not responding to an email on time, yet the instructors wont respond to your email even over the span of several days. This school is beyond unprofessional and their behaviour is disgusting.

Alert, if you have anything in your life outside of school, don’t go here. They have zero empathy and understanding for people. Both my self and my wife have had extremely unprofessional and unpleasant experiences with the school. My wife is taking the Interior Decorating program. The program chair has been directly rude to my wife in front of other students. This behavior is uncalled for. The planning/organizing of the entire program is minimal and all the teachers incredibly under qualified (or just too aloof) to even show up with class materials. Content isn’t online when stated, including quizzes and tests. Bow Valley College does not care about you, they just care about taking your money and leaving you with nothing.

Really wish I would have read the reviews or just taken the hint the first million times they were rude to me. Admissions is useless and have unreasonable standards for getting accepted. It was easier for me to get into University of Calgary. Seriously. Most instructors are not passionate about teaching which makes them not only mediocre teachers but horrible assignment makers and markers. Their methods are antiquated and useless for the real world and where the world is headed. This institution is a joke and it's hard for me to take them seriously when instructors can't even put any effort into the courses they teach; yet they have higher standards for being accepted than most other institutions. Definitely would not recommend this institution to anyone and debating quitting and going back to university where you can at least learn something without the stress of dismissive instructors. The way they make me jump through hoops for no reason is actually insulting to my intelligence and creative energy. Come here if you can let the bad attitudes and lack of support roll off your back, but I wouldn't say it's worth it.

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