Pina Print | 8 029 303-07-07 | Ulitsa Sovetskaya, Belarus

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Pina Print is located in "Ulitsa Sovetskaya 27Б, Pinsk, Belarus". This business is working in the following industry: Generic Business.

Name: Pina Print

Country: Belarus

City: Pinsk

Engaged in: Generic Business

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ISIC Code: 45–47

Questions & Answers

Where is Pina Print located?

Pina Print located at "Ulitsa Sovetskaya 27Б, Pinsk, Belarus"

How can I contact Pina Print?

You can call Pina Print at +375 29 303-07-07 or visit for more information.


Fast and good

The best in their field! Real experts! They will always help and prompt! The approach to clients is always at the highest level! If you apply for the production of advertising - definitely only here, there can be no other options, since also price = quality!

I came on Saturday to order souvenirs, the girl said that the production did not work, come on Monday. I don't quite understand what the production has to do with it, if I just needed to discuss the desired design. To my question, what should I do if I work on the other side of the city until 5, and until I get to them, it will already be 17.40, she just said nothing. Showed absolutely no interest. I didn't offer to just describe what I need, drop the photo on the vibe, nothing at all. I specifically went there on my day off, and here is such a fi. Very unpleasant. Customer focus level 100,500. I won't go to them again. I hope the competitors will be much friendlier.

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