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Debonairs Pizza is located in "Shop 21, Block 10 Sebele Shopping Centre Plot 62417, Gaborone, Botswana". This business is working in the following industry: Restaurant.

Name: Debonairs Pizza

Country: Botswana

City: Gaborone

Engaged in: Restaurant

ISIC Code: 90–93

Questions & Answers

Where is Debonairs Pizza located?

Debonairs Pizza located at "Shop 21, Block 10 Sebele Shopping Centre Plot 62417, Gaborone, Botswana"

How can I contact Debonairs Pizza?

You can call Debonairs Pizza at +267 395 1757 or visit for more information.



Great pizza. Usually! The wait times are dependent on periods of the month. You come in when it's super busy and the wait times are around an hour! So, it's best to pick your times carefully if you're in a hurry or strapped for time. I had to wait an hour. But I'm not holding it against them since they don't control the influx of people into their business. After all if a ship can cause a wait of a few weeks on the Suez Canal, what's waiting an hour for your pizza?

Great Service. I've Never Been Unsatisfied All The Times I've Ordered There.

No place can bit this restaurant not even one

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