Grand Hotel London | 089 866 4100 | ulitsa "Musala", Bulgaria

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Grand Hotel London is located in "ul. "Musala" 3, 9000 Greek Neighborhood, Varna, Bulgaria". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: Grand Hotel London

Country: Bulgaria

City: Varna

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is Grand Hotel London located?

Grand Hotel London located at "ul. "Musala" 3, 9000 Greek Neighborhood, Varna, Bulgaria"

How can I contact Grand Hotel London?

You can call Grand Hotel London at +359 89 866 4100 or visit for more information.



Hotel is nice and the staff is pretty helpful and nice. Why two stars ? One reason only !! The ac didn't work the last night. I get it stuff happens machines break down . But make an effort to help guests ! Maybe get some fans or offer some discount for future nights.

The rooms are big but thats about it, having travelled the World And stayed in 5 star hotels from hong kong, Moscow to stockholm this place doesnt resemble even a 3 star hotel in Sweden. The interior decoration is terrible from time of stalin nothing works and internet is baaaaad, really bad im happy ingot myself mobile sim card to surf, unable to work from here at all. Breakfast hall is smaller then a studio with a tiny set of dishes easily prepared by one person. Not a 5 star hotel whatsoever but i suspect the owner has some political sway to keep the five stars up to fool tourists.

Booked a 3 night stay here in April 2021. Everything was fine until the second morning of our stay when went for breakfast> There was a small choice of 2 light meals. My husband requested 1 extra slice of toast which was refused. We were told that we could only have 1 or other of the choice of snacks. We were quite amazed at this response from the waitress at this so called 5 star hotel. We decided to check out early. We filled in the hotels customer comments form and handed it in to reception on checking out. We got no response from the hotel at the time, nor have we had since despite us waiting over a month for a response. Their customer service is disgraceful and we won't be returning.

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