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Innsbruck International School is located in "Martinsbuehel 6 6170 Zirl, 6170 Innsbruck, Austria". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: Innsbruck International School

Country: Austria

City: Innsbruck

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

Questions & Answers

Where is Innsbruck International School located?

Innsbruck International School located at "Martinsbuehel 6 6170 Zirl, 6170 Innsbruck, Austria"

How can I contact Innsbruck International School?

You can call Innsbruck International School at +43 669 12020111 or visit for more information.



I worked at Cole International School for a year and absolutely loved the relationship Rosie (the director) had with the kids. I was most impressed with how German-speaking children were able to understand what was expected of them in English within their first week at the school. During my time, there was a full routine of activities throughout the day and the children never stopped learning (and I learnt a lot from them!). It’s a really privileged environment for children to go to school in.

Not only do I know Rosie for my whole life as a very passionate Person that’s fully dedicated to ‚her‘ children, it was her Programme that gave me a headstart with the English language. If you have the opportunity to send your children to this lovely place, I can only recommend to do so! Plus: Her husband is one of the main reasons that turned a 16-year old punk into a quantum physicist. Second reason is that I’m now officially ‚Master Max‘, btw.

The all-round package! Warm care, up-to-date in terms of education and, above all, personally related to the child ... I can only recommend the school, the approach and above all the management ...

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