Cobbs Cross Primary School | (268) 460-3401 | Antigua and Barbuda

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Cobbs Cross Primary School is located in "26FM+PCG, Piccadilly, Antigua and Barbuda". This business is working in the following industry: School.

Name: Cobbs Cross Primary School

Country: Antigua and Barbuda

City: Piccadilly

Engaged in: School

ISIC Code: 94–96

Questions & Answers

Where is Cobbs Cross Primary School located?

Cobbs Cross Primary School located at "26FM+PCG, Piccadilly, Antigua and Barbuda"

How can I contact Cobbs Cross Primary School?

You can call Cobbs Cross Primary School at +1 268-460-3401 or visit for more information.



The Cobbs Cross Primary School is situated in the Village of Cobbs Cross, St. Paul's, Antigua, It caters for students from the surrounding Villages and communities (Falmouth, Cobbs Cross, Picadilly and English Harbour). This the first School I ever attended and most of my formative years were spent here at this Elementary (Primary) School, for some it is the only school that they ever attended and they would not have it any other way. The fenced School Grounds and Structures are well kept and maintained and the mural on the main building is outstanding and rather eye catching. The Institution of learning has been shaping young lives for years and they recently celebrated the 50th Anniversary, bringing together alumni from the various years. The Cobbs Cross Primary School is a great government learning institution and has served the community with distinction, embracing modern technology and teaching methods, improving constantly.


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